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Ice Ice Baby

Summer is well and truly here. The fire danger is through the roof and the aircons are pumping! It's not my favourite season - I don't do hot well. But I do like the ice-cream that comes with Summer. Since it's too hot to do...

Green Lasagne

Again on my quest to rest from the roast meats and ham, post Christmas. I have a another vego dish to share. I think this recipe would be best in Spring where you could get everything fresh. But since it's Summer, I just went with...

Festive Biscuits.
Festive Biscuits

Each year I make a batch of Christmas goodies - its something I really enjoy doing. I often think a consumable, handmade gift kicks ass over any crack I could buy. There is the usual gingerbread, which is a hit with most. But I also...

Piñata Cookies

I've seen these babies floating around pinterest for a while and I've always thought that they were super cute! So, when we were invited to a mexican feast that required bringing a dish - I had a reason to make them....

Cheese and Spinch Quiche
Quick Quiche

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text] This is a recipe that I learnt from a friend, when I was living in Sydney.  At the time, I only could manage a few basic recipes so this once was a bit of an eye opener to me! It's pretty easy and great...

Julia Child
Find Something

  I just spotted this Julia Child quote when I was catching up on my reading list.  I tend to fall in and out of interest with almost everything that I get interested in. I often admire people who stick to something and are passionate about...