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Sourdough Success

Bread is amazing right? That warm smell and crusty outside - ugh, it just makes my heart sing! I've always thought that there is something very 'salt of the earth' about being able to make your own bread. That, and the shit you get at...

Ice Ice Baby

Summer is well and truly here. The fire danger is through the roof and the aircons are pumping! It's not my favourite season - I don't do hot well. But I do like the ice-cream that comes with Summer. Since it's too hot to do...

Green Lasagne

Again on my quest to rest from the roast meats and ham, post Christmas. I have a another vego dish to share. I think this recipe would be best in Spring where you could get everything fresh. But since it's Summer, I just went with...

Festive Biscuits.
Festive Biscuits

Each year I make a batch of Christmas goodies - its something I really enjoy doing. I often think a consumable, handmade gift kicks ass over any crack I could buy. There is the usual gingerbread, which is a hit with most. But I also...

Piñata Cookies

I've seen these babies floating around pinterest for a while and I've always thought that they were super cute! So, when we were invited to a mexican feast that required bringing a dish - I had a reason to make them....

Cheese and Spinch Quiche
Quick Quiche

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text] This is a recipe that I learnt from a friend, when I was living in Sydney.  At the time, I only could manage a few basic recipes so this once was a bit of an eye opener to me! It's pretty easy and great...