One a Penny, Two a Penny

It’s Easter! Errr, when did that happen! Well it’s here none the less. So, today I made buns, of the hot crossed variety. My dear husband declared ‘I don’t know why we only get these once a year…’. Fair call Timi, fair call. Perhaps this recipe should be on higher rotation in the weekend bake.

So what recipe to use? I love the Donna Hay┬áhot cross buns recipe, because it has all the good stuff in it like allspice and candied citrus peel. Traditional all the way! And it simply must be served with lashings of room temperature organic butter. Everything tastes better when it’s homemade right? Because it’s fresh and there are no bullshit preservatives in them. Clearly there are no supermarket chocolate chips buns in my household!

Do yourself a favour this Easter and whip up a batch on one of your lazy pajama type mornings. Your mates will come running! Just post a photo of the dough rising to give them some advanced notice.

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