Threads of Footscray Project

I recently submitted some shots from around Footscray with the theme blue for the Threads of Footscray Project. The community arts projects is being run by Victoria University to celebrate 100 years of education.  I’m hoping to be selected to work with the fabulous Jessie Deane to turn one of these images into a tapestry. I’ve been such a fan of her work since the first time I saw it hanging at the Duchess of Spotswood, many years ago.


Exhibitions UNSENSORED11::

two – cross – keep – yellow

Shot on expired Polaroid 600 film using a Polaroid One Step. All images shot in Melbourne’s inner-west suburbs of Yarraville, Seddon and Kingsville.

two cross
keep yellow


The Melbourne Silver Mine’s annual exhibition of analogue photography UNSENSORED is set to return to Collingwood Gallery on Friday November 25, 2011.

UNSENSORED11 offers a glimpse into what film in its various formats can produce today. Once again our members are presenting a diverse range of images in both subject matter and tools/techniques. The exhibition includes images produced using traditional processes and techniques through to hybrid works that blur the line between film and digital.

We hope to see you all on opening night.

Collingwood Gallery
292 Smith Street Collingwood

Opening Night:
Friday 25th November 2011 from 6pm

Exhibition dates:
Saturday 26th November 2011 – Wednesday 7th December 2011

Gallery open daily:
10am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday
Midday – 6:30pm Monday – Friday

(facebook event) (exhibition invite)

This year’s show features work from 47 photographers:

Rhys Allen, Gedal Basman, Anthony Begovic, Roberts Birze, Sandy Birze, Jock Blakley, Natalie Blom, Richard Buckley, Michael Carew, Dave Carswell, Eric Cham Hing Hshen, Michael James Christian, Andrew J. Cosgriff, Nicole Davis, Melissa Dixon, Barbara Fischer, Stacy Gillett,  Veronica Hodgkinson, Ross Holmberg, Timothy D. Johnson, Matthew Joseph, Daniel Lee, Jaye Loring, Suzannah Marshall Macbeth, Marc Morel, Jodie Noonan, Daniel Noppert, Jessica Anne Parker, Ambre Pitt, Richard Plumridge, Mike Reed, Karen Riley, Ahmad Sabra, Gary Sauer‑Thompson, Deanne Smith, Emma Starr, Cameron Stephen, Paul Stoney, Reynandi Susanto, Michael Verhoef, Marcus Visic, Christian Were, Katherine White, Liam White, Lea Williams, Damian Young & Chris Zissiadis



Loo-errn – Jaye Loring

Wilsons Promontory was first travelled by the Koori. These people were of the Gunai community with the Brataualung clan occupying the surrounding areas of South Gippsland. To the Koori, Wilson’s Promontory is known as ‘Wamoon’, watched over by ‘Loo-errn’. Koori legend tells the story of when Loo-errn was living by the Yarra River with his wife Lohan-tuka. One day, when cooking eels, he observed a swan feather carried by the wind towards the south and decided to follow its journey. He came upon the swans in Westernport Bay and waited until they migrated to the east, whereupon he followed them to Corner Inlet.

A scenic walking track named after Loo-Errn, meanders around Tidal River, where these shots were taken, honouring the legend spirit.

Shot using expired Polaroid 600 film on a Polaroid OneStep Closeup Camera.

In less than two weeks I will be taking part in the Fringe Festival of the Ballart Foto Biennale, as part of the self titled Melbourne Silver Mine show.

The Melbourne Silver Mine Inc., a group of avid film photographers formed to explore the use of traditional photographic methods in a modern world, presents its first self titled exhibition in the BIFB 2011. This show explores and showcases narrative and context drawn through sets of images. Each artist exhibits a selection of photographs to the show – some works are purpose-built projects, some are carefully curated collections, others are thematic explorations of a diverse range of ideas, subject matter and technique.

The exhibitors include Rhys Allen, Roberts Birze, Sandy Birze, Zaeem Burq, Michael Carew, Dave Carswell, Lucian Chaffey, Nicole Davis, Barbara Fischer, Tim Heraud, Matthew Joseph, Jaye Loring, Iain Maclachlan, Stuart Murdoch, Jodie Noonan, Ambre Pitt, Richard Plumridge, Kevin Reeve, Deanne Smith, Emma Starr, Paul X. Stoney, Gary Sauer-Thompson and Katherine White.

  • location: Woolshed Clothing (up on the 1st floor) at 48 Armstrong Place, Ballarat.
  • dates:
    • Saturday 20th August – Sunday 18th September 2011.
  • opening hours:
    • Thursdays, Fridays: 11am to 5pm.
    • Saturdays, Sundays: 10am to 6pm.

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